Emails notifications

Emails notifications enable Data Brewery to send an email at the end of processes. The recipients can be set with the email attribute on the process element. You can set multiple emails by separating them with comma. You can define on which event a mail should be sent using the emailWhen attribute. It could contain : success, warning and/or error (you can select many event by separating them with comma). For more detail, see the process page.

<process name="liveEmail"
  <!-- tasks here -->

It is recommanded to set those parameters in the configuration files. Indeed, it’s most likely that you want notifications only for the production environment as the example below (see environment configuration for more details).

Setting SMTP server connection

In order to get emails working, you need to configure a SMTP server that will relay the mail. Such configuration should be done in a configuration file (dw.conf by example). It is stored under the dw.mailer configuration path. You can find more information on the Play Mailer site (which is used internaly to send emails).

For instance, below is an exemple on how to use you AWS to send emails.

dw.mailer {
  // SMTP server depends on the datacenter
  host = ""
  port = 587
  tls = yes
  user = "your_smtp_username"
  password = "your_smtp_password"


As discussed at the begining of this page, it is better to specify the email notification configuration in a configuration file. Therefore, the XML specification will not show any sign of emails.

<process name="liveEmail">
  <task module="staging_web"/>
  <task module="nok2" onError="warning"/>
  <task module="archive_web"/>
  <task module="earthquake"/>
  <task name="failingTask" module="nok2"/>
  <task module="ok2"/>

But in the production configuration file we will add the necessary parts : = ","
dw.process.liveEmail.emailWhen = "error,warning"

You can see below an exemple of email received for the process liveEmail when it ends with an error.