Command line - IPA CLI¶

You can operate a Data Brewery data warehouse with the ipa CLI (command line interface). See how to install Data Brewery if needed

You can find the help by just launching the program.

ipa 1.0.0-M2 20191219
Usage: ipa [init|read|run-module|run-datastore|run-process] [options] <args>...

  -i, --dw <dwFile>        Datawarehouse XML definition file to use (default dw.xml)
  -c, --conf <confFile1>,<confFile2>
                          Configuration files to use (always read dw.conf first).
  -s, --silent             Disable logging messages.
  -v, --verbose            Display more logging messages.
  -V, --very-verbose       Display even more logging messages.
  --help                   prints this usage text

Command: init [<seed>]
init create a new data projet.
  <seed>                   Optionnal : Use a seed to base project (accept : simple, complex)

Command: read [options] <table>
read the content of a table.
  <table>                  the table to read
  --nb-rows <value>        Number of rows to read (10 if not set).
  --no-limit               Read an unlimited number of rows.

Command: run-module <module>
run-module process the specified module.
  <module>                 module(s) to be processed (required)

Command: run-datastore <datastore>
run-datastore process the specified datastore.
  <datastore>              the datastore to be processed (required)

Command: run-process <process>
run-process launch the specified process.
  <process>                the process to be launched (required)